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Help! My record won't play!

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I recently bought the soundtrack to Gone with the Wind at a record store. Its a set of 45s and is pretty old. Two out of the four sides won't play all the way to the end. It just slows down to a stop before reaching the end of the song. I don't think its my record player as this doesn't happen with any other records and only occurs with these two sides at the same spot.  The records aren't in perfect condition, but there aren't any severe scratches, especially at the spot they stop so I don't know what could cause this. 

I've tried researching this, but every forum/article I've read aren't helpful.  They talk about broken turntables that do this with a lot of records all the time.  I really want to figure it out and fix this to enjoy the whole soundtrack! Does anyone know what could be wrong? (Also, if this means anything, I have a manual Victrola)

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