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PO: Wilco 10 LP Box Set

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price is lol:

The Wilco Box Set

Our Wilco Box Set is an unprecedented and exclusive collaboration between Best Made and indie legend Wilco, made in an extremely limited quantity for die-hard fans. Each of the band's 10 studio albums are included in vinyl format, individually signed by frontman Jeff Tweedy. In true Best Made fashion, the collection is presented in an album crate inspired by our Audubon toolbox and built in our axe workshop from fir ply, hand-finished with marine spar varnish.




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WOW.  As anyone who knows wood/quality should know, the wood they're using for that box is literally the cheapest wood/material you could possibly use for something like this.  It's not even considered solid wood, it's thin layered sheets placed on top of one another of incredibly low-quality material- and for $1200, at the minimum it should be solid, quality wood.  

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46 minutes ago, shamrocks said:

are there really only 10 of these?i agree the price is ridiculous and the wood is LOL but thats pretty rare

Well the albums are just the regular albums signed by Tweedy so the only rare thing is the box, which you could build yourself if you were handy enough and then that would be a 1/1

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Carpenter here. It's really, really bad.


A novice carpenter could easily cut down, build, and stain all 10 of these boxes in a single work day, and I suspect the designer spent even less time on it than that. You don't usually leave the edges of plywood exposed (it's a building material, not a decorative wood), and you certainly don't stain the edges. 


If the albums cost $20 each (assuming they didn't get them at wholesale price), that's $200. The raw material the boxes were built from probably cost less than $10 each. Altogether, the 10 boxes cost $2,100 to produce. 


In total, they sold all 10 for a total of $12,000... essentially a $10,000 profit. Not bad for a days work, right? 

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The leather and brass probably cost more than the wood lol. This is one for the ages. I bet you none of those people buying this have any idea the first two albums were recently reissued with a lot more extra vinyl between them. It would be nothing for them to buy a copy of either. Heck, they could buy the Kicking Television and B-Sides boxsets at top-price and not blink.

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