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The Fire Theft - S/T (Run Out Groove - needs vote...)

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If voted to win, this would be the worldwide debut of the The Fire Theft’s 2003 self-titled Rykodisc debut on vinyl

Would include all new artwork & design approved by Jeremy Enigk

Would be pressed on 180g vinyl at Record Industry in the Netherlands and come in a gatefold tip-on Stoughton jacket.

The Fire Theft was an alternative rock band from Seattle formed in 2001 by vocalist/guitarist Jeremy Enigk, bassist Nate Mendel and drummer William Goldsmith; all previous members of Sunny Day Real Estate. Mendel plays bass for the Foo Fighters and Goldsmith drummed for them between 1995 and 1997. Similar to Sunny Day Real Estate’s last album, The Rising Tide, The Fire Theft released their self-titled debut album on Rykodisc on September 23, 2003. A tour promoting the album followed the release. There have been on and off discussions between band members about reactivating The Fire Theft but the band has been on hiatus since 2004, with no official announcement of a break up. Following the reunion of Sunny Day Real Estate in 2009 with all four original members, the future of The Fire Theft remained uncertain. In addition to the self-titled debut, the band also released the Hands On You EP in 2004 on Rykodisc as well. Given 41/2 stars by AllMusic, Johnny Loftus writes, “Enigk and co-writer Goldsmith (whose inventive percussion unifies the album) freely cross Yes with Modest Mouse (“Oceans Apart”), approach Presence-era Led Zeppelin with their instrumentals, and embrace a classic, unironic sense of melody with “Chain” and “Heaven.”” If voted to win, ROG will issue the worldwide debut of The Fire Theft on vinyl, with music spread across a 2LP set with brand new artwork.


Link to Vote:


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Wanting this so badly. It's a release I thought might never see the the light of day on vinyl, so the mere possibility of it happening now is amazing. This could have been the follow up to The Rising Tide, IMO. So damn good, so yes, pass the word and vote on this please. Was fortunate to see them at the Bowery Ballroom also and it was really excellent.

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5 hours ago, Olsvik said:

I feel this album is as good as How It Feels and Rising Tide, SDRE fans who haven't heard it are missing out! Stoked at the possibility of finally having it on wax.

Agreed, this is on par with SDRE albums. Not sure I need it on vinyl though.

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47 minutes ago, PookdaddyG said:

Oof. Is it possible for these to sell out? Also, do they ever get repressed? I want to snag this, but I don’t want to be over budget this early in November 

The way they advertise their model is that they have a 30-day preorder period. So you can preorder at the end of the month. I also assume they round up though, to have a few extra in case of issues with shipments and might have a few copies make it to their webstore after the preorder period is up. Seems this has been the case with a few other pressings.

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