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Hi! I bought a Lenco L-3808 last summer and it worked just fine until this summer. After I moved, this summer, in the beginning of every record the stylus skips ahead in the tracks. But if i put the needle down on the second track it's all fine. It's like the tracks of the first half inch of every record has a problem containing the stylus. Here's the weird part: it's not always like this. Sometimes it just works. Side A of the first record never works but sometimes side B works and if I put another record on the turntable after the first it has a higher chance of working just fine. But most of the time I have to start playing from the second song on the record. My record collection spent the summer in their box so I don't think anything happened to them which could have affected the first half inch of EVERY record. I'm guessing it might have to do with the tonearm but I'm very new to this way of listening to music. I would really appreciate some advice if anyone of you might know what's wrong.


Thanks! / Edvin from Sweden

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