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I have a budget of about $1200 and I don't necessarily need to spend all of it. What I do want to do though since I'm investing all this money is make the right choices and know I'm getting the best value for my money, if that means spending a little more than so be it. This is also why I came here for help. I'm looking to buy a turntable, a preamp, and some speakers. Here is what I think I want:

Turntable: Pro-Ject Debut Carbon ($399), I'm a little conflicted here and want to know if it's worth spending $200 more to upgrade to the Pro-Ject Audio Debut Carbon Esprit ($599). Does the acrylic plate make that much of a difference?

Speakers: Audio Engine A5+ ($599), I'm pretty set on these unless anyone thinks there are better sounding speakers that look just as good.

Preamp: Honestly I have no idea.

Anything else: If you guys think I should buy any other equipment that will benefit my set up.


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