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Elusive Sound will release Blankenberge - Radiogaze on two variants this Friday!  I am conducting a group buy, as the label is also releasing Glasir - New Dark Age and a repress of Silent Whale Becomes A Dream - Requiem on the same day.  Message me here so I can include you!


This is the standard /150 edition, available from A Thousand Arms in the USA.  Tomorrow the deluxe will be posted. 

All variants are 2xLP and 45RPM. 


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8 hours ago, gazzo said:

Does anyone know how they came up with the name Blankenberge?

That's like the most awful coastal town here in Belgium

I honestly have no idea.  They're from Russia.  So, your guess is as good as mine haha. 


18 hours ago, jrodan said:

interested in getting in on this group buy.


16 hours ago, ethereal said:

might be in for this one if the price is right... can't wait to see what the deluxe looks like.


16 hours ago, Derek™ said:

This is bretty gud.  Probably the most memorable thing Elusive has released in some time, for me.  Getting some Pinkshinyultrablast vibes at times, which is always a great thing.  I’d get in on this for the right price.

PM's sent guys! 

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So Phil has pretty much guaranteed you/ that the group buy copies will be the /100 Deluxe version, am I understanding that correctly? PM me if you know pricing, too.

And A1KA is getting the /150 standard version, so no need to order that from Elusive Sound. Assuming this will be typical $30 from A1KA before discount. 


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30 minutes ago, Gumbo72203 said:

I have a lot of maybe's for these and I'll be beginning to calculate shipping prices hopefully later tonight.  I can share prices via PM, but we need to get this closed by tomorrow night :) 

Let me know what the total $ would be for a deluxe. I may double-dip and get a standard from Thousand Arms.

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16 minutes ago, jrodan said:


It's not up yet.  They're getting 10 copies.  I imagine it will go up Friday when the Elusive stuff goes up, but I can check on that.  CJ anticipates them go be gone instantly. 


52 minutes ago, EquinoxDesignLab said:

I will just go with the standard via A1kA.

Got it, still have you down for Glasir deluxe. 

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3 hours ago, poweredbytrust said:

god damn, did they really sell out of EVERYTHING in 12 hours?!

Yeah dude.  This label is not a fucking joke haha.  Their products are like drugs; people go crazy for them.  As they should!  This is why I do group-buys also....  because everything they release WILL sell out. 


Group buy members:  we're still tying up some loose ends, but I will have final price notices out to you guys within a few days at most.  I haven't received an invoice yet, I want to give the label some time to tackle things on their end, but we all have our copies secured so we're all good.  Thank you all again!

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