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MINSK - BURNING CS / Three Moons Records

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Minsk - "Burning"


Massive, psychodelic, tribal. Unique.


Legendary demo released in 2003. Milestone for the band starting their way to define own style and refresh the whole genre. Unavailable for several years, now -celebrating 15th anniversary- strikes back remixed by Joel Madigan specially for tape release. Sounds huge.


Yellow tape housed in decorative dark brown die cut cardboard case. Letterpress printing with hand-mixed tone of yellow. Includes lyrics printed on singed yellow carbonpaper. All sealed with wax in stamped linen bag with reworked band's logo.


Limited to 81 hand numbered copies sealed with golden/brown (band & friends edition, very few for sale here) or dark brown wax.

Check facebook for more pictures.


Cassettes available in store:









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17 hours ago, drds89 said:

@seku is the best. Wish this was my cuppa :unsure:

Its weird, for sure.  Some of it I love, some of it I hope grows on me.  But i have a soft spot for obscure DIY demo stuff... it was my achilles heel when I was into death metal.  Kvlt, underground hidden gems.  I can't say no. 

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