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RSD 2019 Limited and First Releases

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1 minute ago, OldKentuckyShark said:

So is Lost In Translation.  They’ll be available eventually for a reasonable price easily once the flippers have their fun this weekend

I don't know man. Usually with those high number pressings you can find them online the next day.  I think this one may stay high. 

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12 minutes ago, daegor said:

Managed to snag Death Grips from Vintage Vinyl thanks to @impact!


On the extreme off chance that anyone else was looking for the Uncovered Queens of the Stone Age EP you can buy it direct from the artist now (along with the debut EP): http://www.uncoveredqotsa.com/boutique/


All I'm looking for now is BARST - Re:Cycles  

What? They were sold out yesterday when I went, I didn't see it online either

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4 minutes ago, daegor said:

They have it listed wrong, though now you have me worried:  https://vvinyl.com/shop/index.php?route=product/search&search=death grips

I'd keep an eye out for a second copy just in case honestly, the peeps seemed pretty adamant that they were sold out pretty early on

Also, was it DG 100 that it was listed as? I'm not seeing it otherwise

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