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RSD 2019 Limited and First Releases

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2 hours ago, ethanpricington said:

I saw the Used on there...if that’s true...jus wow. If it’s not, the fact that tug trolled not only us is awesome

aww shit dude. I think I may have trolled myself.  I was only saying since its the 10th anniversary of the album that they would prob repress a vinyl edition of artwork.  I was sure of it because I thought I figured it out...but it might not even may to the black Friday version of RSD later this year.   wtf.

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4 minutes ago, simple_torture said:

I've heard 2/28 getting thrown around for a list reveal, too (basically just in this thread), but I haven't seen any official announcement.

Kind of answering my own question here:


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1 hour ago, itsgoodtobefree said:

FWIW, not on the alleged leaked lists that have come out recently, from what I can see.

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4 hours ago, Madrugada said:

Green Day from Woodstock, The Black Parade is Dead, Bohemian Rhapsody/I’m In Love With My Car, Weezer Teal album. If all those actually happen I gotta get them all.

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17 minutes ago, dawhizz said:

The R.E.M./Bingo Hand Job shows are (rightfully) legendary, but it almost seems wrong to give them a legitimate release after so many years of existing as a bootleg.

I had to search for this for a year, buy two copies, and deal with an insane, threatening seller from the Netherlands before I could get one decent copy of this boot and now kids can just waltz into the hours long line of one of the busiest and claustrophobic events of the year and elbow their way to the RSD bins–actually, I think I got the easier, better deal. :P 

I see there's a now offline Rough Trade URL for this bootleg release. Does anyone have any info on who is releasing it? I had no idea that RSD featured bootlegs as official RSD releases.

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Europe has some pretty lax laws in terms of selling material thats been broadcast (hence alot of those bootleg CDs in the 90s) . So it could be some label doing this (hence why its being marketed not under REM's name) and it will most likely be a Europe only release. 


Of course it could be legit. I guess we'll know more tomorrow (?)



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