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PO Now: Algernon Cadwaller Reissues + Comp

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4 hours ago, Ishtar said:

It's a little more on the purple side than I expected, but yeah, it looks good! Usually when I think magenta I lean more toward the the pink side of that spectrum.

Right, the mock-up made it look like the flamingo pink. I actually wanted that variant but waited too long, ended up with the blue

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11 minutes ago, bridgesii said:

any particular reason why, personal preference? 


i think the split colors came out great. will have the time to spin tomorrow

Whether I imagine it or it's real, I always hear a little change in sound when it goes from one color to the other (typically when it's from an opaque to a translucent. I also just don't love the look of the ones that are a hard color change right down the middle. I much prefer the look of these to most split colors I've seen.


I seem to be in the minority here in that I still love splatter, and a nice, plain crystal clear is my all-time favorite.

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3 minutes ago, FiggyPud said:

You guys getting shipping confirmation for these?

I did for my comp.


Edit: keep in mind what someone posted above from Mike, some variants haven't arrived to him yet. (as of a few days ago at least)

Edited by Ishtar

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1 hour ago, FiggyPud said:


Turquoise self-titled, orange parrot, and clear/green split some kind of.

Yeah, my guess is the orange is holding things up. I put in an order a few days ago with just that and those Sundials records in it and haven't heard anything, but it looks like most other variants have gone out.

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