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Why can't I level this tonearm?!

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Hi y’all,

Brought my SL1200 TT to a very reputable shop in town to get my cart aligned/overhang properly adjusted and just got it back today. Got the tonearm balanced easily when adjusting the counterweight and I set my Nagaoka mp110 to 1.8 using a scale. Everything is dialed except now it appears to be just about impossible to keep the tonearm level. As you’ll see in the picture, the tech slammed my cart all the way to the front so I guess the tonearm is now end heavy which is probably causing this. What’s weird is that one would assume raising the tonearm as high as it goes would fix this problem but it doesn’t. I’m not going to put you through the psychological hell of posting a million photos of tonearm heigh adjustments, but here’s a few.


#1 is lowest it can go

#2 is 1.5

#3 is 3.5

#4 is as high as it can go


Again, this shop is well respected and they’ve been doing this forever so while the cart adjustment seemed weird to me, they obviously know way more than I do.


So what do you think? There is no way to get this level, it aims upward no matter what I do.


The tonearm is balanced perfectly once it's playing, but not sure if that's all I'm looking for.












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Okay so I realized that since cartridge height is 18mm,  my arm height needs to be 3. So I started with that height, got the tonearm perfectly level with the counterweight (forgot to take picture of that), and set it to 1.8g. 


It's still pointing up when the cue lever is up, and it's tilting down slightly when on 180g vinyl. So whatever, this is all good right? Since having the overhang adjusted it's been tricker to get this straight. Just don't wanna damage the expensive vinyl I'm buying or hinder the sound quality.


32107369698_3d47c3f0e0_k.jpgIMG-8267 by


32107368838_cb816ef14c_k.jpgIMG-8270 by


32107368448_06dd1624e9_k.jpgIMG-8271 by


32107367968_1874d3158d_k.jpgIMG-8272 by


32107369168_864d896051_k.jpgIMG-8268 by



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