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PO: Cardigans Discography

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I'm sure you can find it elsewhere but ran across these for preorder.


Too many music lovers, there's only one way to listen to their album classics and it's on vinyl. 
The Cardigan's catalog album, whose plates from the 1994 debut to "Super 
Extra Gravity" 2005 are now released in delicious vinyl releases on February 1, are undoubtedly heard of . "Emmerdale" and "Super Extra Gravity" 
are now released for the first time on vinyl. All albums are remastered on Sterling Sound in NY and released on 
180 grams of vinyl in street foals with new unique images. Release February 1st.



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2 hours ago, craigeduk said:

Brilliant, and according to the band there will be b-sides comps (x2) coming after, going to see them in London next Friday and can't wait!


Life is also the original Swedish tracklisting 

Seeing em then too. Gran Turismo and Long Gone Before Daylight were immediate orders. The others I may wait n pick up if they land domestically.

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5 hours ago, tape said:

Was talking with Bull Moose today and they "99%" confirmed that these are getting a US release. So far they've only been able to fully confirm First Band but they expect an announcement "any day".

And it looks like they've already listed First Band On The Moon


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12 minutes ago, timsimmons said:

Bullmoose says only First Band on the Moon will be reissued in the US. They are gonna try to import the rest, but just know ordering from Europe is probably your best bet.


Damn that's weird. They are up on Amazon Germany now & should all be up on Amazon UK soon so can probably pick them up there  at a good cost given the current UK/US exchange rate.  


Getting ready to travel and see them tonight right now!

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17 hours ago, bgdesign said:

I'd recommend Juno. They are up and cheaper on shipping.

Up on Norman: https://www.normanrecords.com/cloudsearch/index.php?q=the+cardigans

(click 'Preorders').

In the UK at least, Juno ship in those shitty cardboard envelopes that have no protection. Banquet do too. I have never received anything from Norman in one.


I have the US BF Long Gone Before Daylight. I will be getting Gran Turismo locally when it comes out. I don't care for the rest. Pre GT is too twee and i just couldn't get in to the final album.


Great and length review of GT: http://www.digmeoutpodcast.com/episode/358-gran-turismo-by-the-cardigans

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On 12/7/2018 at 4:30 PM, bgdesign said:

These just went on sale officially last night on Juno. I ordered Gran Turismo, Super Extra Gravity, and Long Gone Before Daylight for $82 shipped to the US. By far the cheapest option right now.

As far as shipping box worries, the last few orders I got from Juno with more than one record (I tend to buy in bulk from them) came in sturdy LP mailers.

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