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Pro-ject Carbon RPM3 discontinued?

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First time posting but been a lurker for some time. I, like many people getting into the hobby, have had an AT LP-120 for a few years now. It did the trick and let me get my feet wet. I'm ready to make the jump a couple rungs up the ladder and have had my eye on either the Rega3 or the Pro-ject Carbon RPM3. I've done homework on both decks and really dig the RPM3. I went to my local Best Buy Magnolia store tonight with $750 in gift cards and another $500 in cash ready to order the deck, dust cover and a speed box. Guy tells me they've sold a handful of these recently and that he wants one for himself. He calls the supplier in Chicago and after some back and forth, the supplier says that it appears that this model is discontinued. We talk, he calls the supplier back, they talk some more...basically it's discontinued despite being advertised on the Best Buy website and the Pro-ject website. There are some out in the wild at other distributors and mom and pop shops but it's being phased out. Cool - right when I had my heart set on it. Have you guys heard this?


Now I have $750 in gift cards for Best Buy with no shot at getting the deck I wanted. I still dig the Rega3 but feel like I'm settling for 2nd best. Based on what you guys might know about their Magnolia store selection - any decks in the $1,000 - $1,500 price range worth taking a look at? Any help is appreciated. Cheers.

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