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PO Now: American Football - LP3 (3/22/2019)

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Early bird should arrive in 2 days for me but I caved and listened to the lossless download last night. Good stuff. I appreciate this band doing something a little different/evolving with each album. Lots of female vocals throughout are a nice addition and hold a great spot in the full-bodied mix. The memorable repetitive guitar licks we all loved from LP1 have now fully given way to multi tracked guitars weaving around to create a more dreamy, ethereal sound, and while lp1 will always be the sound I connect with most, I wouldn't want them to try to recreate it, and again I appreciate something new and more mature with each release. Lamos' jazzy drumming remains familiar, and he had a couple of horn segments although I was left wanting more of that. Gonna give it a few more listens this weekend and I expect it to continue to grow on me as LP2 did.

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One.  More.  Week.



5 minutes ago, Tommy said:

Yeah idk what it is about that early bird but it just looks real tacky

For me, solid streaks look like trash.  They’re always weirdly faded and choppy looking and just generally appear as “cheap” in my eyes.  (And this feels especially true if the base color of the LP is opaque.)  Just speaking from personal experience and preference, anyway.

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Haven’t heard the whole thing yet but I managed to give the first few tracks a listen at work the other day. The second track is great, reminded me of a Scottish band called Stapleton. I already like silhouettes, that song is up there with their best imo.


Specifically this Stapleton song for anyone interested



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6 hours ago, Tommy said:

Oh man, I want a full report in the morning. That fanblade variant is sick too

Verdict is in: pretty jazzed on the initial listen.  Need another one before I fully nerd out and share detailed thoughts on highlights.  I love how different it feels from LP2 already.  A lot of people will still dismiss it as a new Owen record but I think it offers so much more.

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