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PO Now: American Football - LP3 (3/22/2019)

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Ordered the pink based on this track. I'm one of the folks who thought the LP2 vocals were sitting on top of the mix like oil on water but this single sounds great to me. Listened to that record maybe 3 times after it came out then never picked it up again. LP1 came out when I was in college so it's not just a case of Millennials Are Killing the Emo Revival Industry... just never really absorbed LP2 I guess.

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17 hours ago, DecayToDeath said:

Anyway like I said, I'm staying out of this thread...I'll listen to the album and maybe give my thoughts on leak/release but I'm not going to provoke another can of worms into opening again.

Well that lasted like ten seconds. I'm in love with this new single. I don't feel confident enough to preorder right now but judging by the aftermarket prices of the early bird LP2, I shouldn't have too hard a time getting one later if I want it.

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41 minutes ago, mesi said:

I waited too long, BSM splatter appears to be sold out.

After listening to the single I was tempted to go buy back for a bundle with the splatter n hoody and offer you my stand alone splatter but alas its gone off the page entirely.

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