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Fall Out Boy Folie A Deux Mispress

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 I decided to give this a shot to see if anyone here had any ideas...


 There’s a three-year-old thread about this that  was not able to answer my question because op stopped replying.


About a year ago I purchased a Folie A Deux LP from Barnes and Noble online. I began listening to it, got through side A, flipped it...and side A began playing again. At that point of course I flipped it over because I thought I had somehow blacked out for 30 seconds and didn’t realize that I hadn’t flipped it. But no, side A again.


No, the labels are not wrong, yes side A is definitely pressed on both sides of disc 1. Disc 2 has no problems. From the other thread i’ve read here, a couple people have the opposite problem, with side B pressed on both sides of disc 1.


I’m a casual collector, so all I wanted to know was if this is a precious rarity that I should hold on to until my dying days as a vinyl treasure, or if it’s just a worthless spare copy that would look pretty on a wall somewhere.

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1 hour ago, veggiecorecords said:

I had a copy of Take This to Your Grave that had a completely different artist on side B. Unfortunately I don't think this kind of thing makes it worth more. 

meh, yeah, didn’t think so. I just know mispressings are rare, and the fact that there are at least 3 other people who have an opposite copy of mine makes it not valuable. I just wanna know how many there are like mine.

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