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FS: Beloved, Circle Takes The Square, Passion Pit, Hopesfall, PTW & More!


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Hello all! It has been a while since I've sold anything here on the boards, but I'm quickly running out of space...so the time has come for a return!

These are mostly records from my personal collection, as I have a lot of duplicates that I have never played. I need more space, you need killer records...so let's make a deal. If you see something you like but don't enjoy the price, DM me with some offers. I'm never afraid to haggle, especially if you're buying multiples!  Lastly, if there are any MOMR oddities or rarities that have your eye but aren't listed...just ask.  Except Stick Up Kids.  That bad boy is long gone.  Sorry!
Shipping is a flat $4 from Chicago. I can also ship internationally if you so desire, but be warned that international shipping ain't fun and it ain't cheap!
Mind Over Matter Records Test Presses:
The Juliana Theory - "Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat" 2xLP Test Press #16/25 - this record has the craziest packaging, on top of being crazy rare. I personally screen printed, cut, folded, glued and assembled this double gatefold jacket. It's black and silver, opens up to over 4 feet wide and is housed inside of a slip cover. Total madness. $100
Bad Rabbits - "American Nightmare" 2xLP Test Press #11/15- another TP jacket created with crazy amounts of detail. It's a custom-made gatefold created entirely by hand with a two color screen print (White & Silver). It's the only way to get this record in a gatefold, as the real pressing is in a wide-spine jacket. $100
Other Records From My Personal Collection:
Becoming The Archetype - "Terminate Damnation" - Black /100 $45
Beloved - "Failure On" - Dark Grey/Blue $80
Beloved - "The Running" - Opaque Brown $45
Beloved - "The Running" - Yellow/Red Haze $45
Beloved - "The Running" - Transparent Gold $35
Caspian - "You Are The Conductor/The Four Trees" - 3xLP, Blue/Grey/Grey Tour Edition /100 $65
Cave In - "Until Your Heart Stops" - Gold w/ Black Smoke RSD $45
Circle Takes The Square - "As The Roots Undo" - Bone w/ Black Splatter $35
Nothing - "Poshlost" - Clear w/ Black Haze & White screen print on b-side /100 $40
Nothing - "Poshlost" - Black w/ White screen print on b-side /300 $35
Passion Pit - "Manners" - Black, First Pressing $50 
Poison The Well - "You Come Before You" - Black w/ Screen Printed Cover #34/50 $50
The Saddest Landscape - "After The Lights" - Clear/Red Half & Half, Release Show edition w/ screen printed cover, #48/50 $30
Becoming The Archetype - "Terminate Damnation" - Transparent Orange /200 SOLD
Becoming The Archetype - "Terminate Damnation" - Transparent Blue /200 SOLD
Cave In - "Until Your Heart Stops" - Black SOLD
Cave In - "Until Your Heart Stops" - White SOLD
Dredg - "El Cielo" - Black, seriously OOP SOLD
Emery - "The Weak's End" - Blue w/ Black Swirl /200 SOLD
Emery - "The Weak's End" - Green w/ Black Swirl /200 SOLD
Emery - "The Weak's End" - Black /100 SOLD
Figure Four - "Suffering The Loss" - Test Press/Festival Edition, Screen printed cover, #4/30 SOLD
Hopesfall - "The Frailty Of Words" - White & Blue Swirl /200 SOLD
Hopesfall - "The Frailty Of Words" - Transparent Orange /200 SOLD
Thursday - "War All The Time" - Grey Hot Topic Exclusive /1500 SOLD
Transit - "Stay Home" - Transparent Orange in Eco-Jacket, #73/75 SOLD
Underoath - "Lost In The Sound Of Separation" - Black SOLD
Underoath - "Disambiguation" - Transparent Orange/Gold  SOLD
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