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Han Solo

PO: Casey UK - It's Time For Us To Bury Our Love ( 04/19/2019)

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As a parting gift before they break up, Casey is releasing a box set that includes their first ep and two full lengths with brand new artwork. This will be the first time Darling has been on vinyl since early 2017, and most of us know how expensive its gotten, so this is a really nice way to grab a copy if you don't already have one. The boxes are set to ship mid April. 500 will be made at first, but if demand calls for more then more will be made down the road in an attempt to prevent flipping. 


Each box will also include a 36 page "It's Time For Us To Bury Our Love" book which will be composed of both of the Casey poetry and photo books that were previously released, as well as some new content. Shipping is a little more than average to account for the boxes size and to make sure nothing gets lost in the mail like some of the LINE hoodies did. This is gonna be really good quality, if you like these guys I wouldn't sleep. 








Order here: https://linktr.ee/caseytheband

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You are receiving this email because you preordered a copy of the Casey vinyl boxset from Bandcamp.

Due to a slight delay at manufacturing, we are now set to receive the items on May 6th, and will be shipping these orders via tracked mail as soon as they arrive. We sincerely apologise for this delay, please see below for a short statement from the band on this:


“Hey everyone, unfortunately we need to inform you that there has been a disappointing yet unavoidable delay in the production of our vinyl boxset that you have preordered. Despite our very best efforts in submitting our printing materials in plenty of time, the production has been held up at our manufacturers due to the enormous influx of vinyl demand around Record Store Day. Thankfully it’s only a short delay, and we’re now due to ship your order from your local fulfilment company on May 7th. We’re super sorry about this, as I said we took every possible precaution to avoid it, but unfortunately sometimes these things just happen. We really appreciate you preordering this box set, we are sure it will be worth the wait, and we thank you for your support and patience.”


Thank you for your order - we assure you your item will be shipped out to you as soon as possible.

Very best regards


Hassle Records


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Box sets are shipping! 


If you're unable to make it to one of the dates of the final tour, or are going and just don’t want to risk merch running out, which has been common, everything is up for preorder on their bigcartel. It will all ship in late June. I’m going to the Chicago date but I’d rather not have to carry around so much, so this was a more convenient option. 



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