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PO NOW | Sleep live @ Third Man Records | 4xLP + poster + patch

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One of the biggest stories in rock music this past year was the unexpected return of Sleep with the surprise April 20th release of their new record The Sciences on Third Man Records. As lifelong fans of the band (and OM, and High on Fire, and Neurosis...) we were nothing if not honored to be the label that released their first album in nearly 20 years. This record not only cemented the band's legacy but built upon it by pulling off the rarest of returns. It was insanely good. Not only were they here, but they were better than ever. The Sciences is spiritual, speculative, messianic and heavy as all hell. Rampant touring ensued, and if you have seen them live this past year, then you know there are among the most powerful bands working today. Just last month, on December 12th, Sleep brought the roadshow to the Third Man headquarters in Nashville and recorded over 2 hours of career-defining material to a live audience using our direct-to-acetate / audio mixed and mastered in real-time system. Seven, count them, seven lacquer cuts later we are prepared and excited to announce that a QUADRUPLE Sleep live album of songs spanning 26 years of their career is our next Vault package. Proceed the Weedian... The set will be presented on 4 different colored vinyl (purple, orange, blue, green), each in their own individual jacket all housed in a sturdy slipcase. A reproduction of the poster from the show, and a mystery Sleep / TMR mission patch completes your set.
Sign up HERE before Jan 31st or miss out... forever. We estimate that packages will begin shipping in March.
Side One: Leagues Beneath
Side Two: Dopesmoker (Part One) Side Three: Dopesmoker (Part Two) Holy Mountain
Side Four: The Clarity Aquarian
Side Five: Sonic Titan Side
Six: Marijuanaut’s Theme Giza Butler
Side Seven: The Botanist Dragonaut
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I'm gonna grab this when I get paid and then never listen to it.

I just got my shipping notification from TMR!

1 minute ago, mcpherson123 said:

So.... there won't be a standard edition that I don't have to buy a vault in order to get like basically all the other Live At Thirdman LP's????


Someone please explain this bullshit to me.

You subscribe for one month and then you cancel. You only get the Sleep records. That's it. Except you will still have the opportunity to bitch about them not being black.:P

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1 minute ago, lexicondevil said:

You subscribe for one month and then you cancel. You only get the Sleep records. That's it. Except you will still have the opportunity to bitch about them not being black.:P

Hmmm... I think I'm most sold on the bitching opportunity.... and the patch is a close second.


But I am correct that basically every other Live At Third Man disc has had a standard release that you can buy in a record store usually, right?


Another question: Don't a lot of these direct to acetate recordings sound a little ass-y?

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Sigh. I love Sleep, hate Third Man, hate live show recordings, but love patches. I'm very torn on this. I wish they'd show what the patch looks like so I could make sure it prioritizes the mission patch design and Sleep, with little to no Third Man shit. That's the selling point for me on this.

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3 minutes ago, lexicondevil said:

I have the PJ live show from Third Man and it sounds like a raw, live record. I remember some people were being fussy about this or that. I dig it a lot, but that's me.

I vaguely remember listening to one online and thought it sounded really distorted and clipped. I don't know if it was just that one that was like that or if they all end up getting cut too hot like that.

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3 minutes ago, fish said:

Considering they charged $50-$60 for different Sciences versions $60 for this is a steal. I'm in. I know this has been asked somewhere 1000x but basically i just sign up, order this, and then cancel my membership before the next release and I'm good?

If I understand it right, if you order a vault subscription today you are charged for it today, and it will automatically re-charge for the next vault subscription in three months from today.

So the deal is: order today, then cancel your subscription after January 31st and before three months from today. Your sleep album will be shipped around March.

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33 minutes ago, mcpherson123 said:

Yeah, that clip sounds pretty good. Vocals are pretty quiet but shit. This might just be worth it.


Are we sure there won't be a standard version of this like all the other LATMR releases??? Anyone???

There is not standard versions of any of the vault exclusive releases. (Hence the vault exclusive part)

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