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PO: Masked Intruder - III

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5 hours ago, Williethewill said:

Yeah! I just happened to randomly look and see and it worked. Though after I paid I didn’t get a confirmation email. So hopefully everything worked out fine. 

bought it when the pre-order went up the first time and only got my order confirmation today..

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13 hours ago, exileinoblivion said:

Sweet! I found the indie US variant at Waterloo online . here is the link for anyone interested.  Now must play the waiting game for the Impericon variant to come back up . 



Have never bought from these dudes before, but worth a shot! Thanks, man. 

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2 hours ago, RobinoZombie said:

Yeah I got my confirmation a couple of hours after the purchase, it is a vinyl version up over at banquet records but it doesn’t state which version :/


2 hours ago, exileinoblivion said:

It has to be the Euro indie variant I would suspect but I am going to email them to make sure before I order. 


2 hours ago, RobinoZombie said:

Same here, emailed them this morning so hoping for a quick reply would love to find a tricolor before they are being scalped on discogs 

It’s the uk indie retail exclusive /200 

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34 minutes ago, thepunkguy said:

sorry a little lost..

is this one /200?  the "uk indies" one?

there are 2 /200 variants


Pressing Info:
300 PN webstore - Half Blood Red / Half Sea Blue w/ Heavy White Splatter
500 PN webstore 2 - Galaxy Black w/ Red(Ish)
300 US Indie - Clear w/ Blood Red, Sea Blue, Kelly Green and Highligher Yellow Splatter
200 UK Indie - Tri Stripped Blood Red, Sea Blue, Highligher Yellow
200 Euro - White & Blood Red Pin Wheel
1000 Various - Blood Red w/ Heavy Black Splatter

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1 hour ago, derrickcook19941 said:

I was wondering why green was left out, now I see the blue and yellow make it hahah


Also did something similar but less obvious with the PN Webstore 1 exclusive. The blue and red fading into each other is supposed to mimic the gradient behind the bands name on the cover.

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