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PO: Angel Du$t - Pretty Buff

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5 minutes ago, MyEnemy said:

Hell yeah. Been waiting for this. 


Wonder of Pop Wig is going to be doing their own pressing or there’s going to be a tour variant. Eh, I’ll buy it again, if so.

My thoughts also. 500 is a pretty big run for them for a single variant. I definitely expect at least a tour press and maybe a screened cover from Shogun. Unfortunately I see them 2 weeks before the record comes out so they may not have it.


5 minutes ago, mr. sincere said:

Hell yes, finally. Instant buy, love these guys. 

Same. Unfortunately, not really digging the new song but ordered anyway.

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3 minutes ago, 1876records said:

worst live band on earth? discuss.

I’ve seen them 5 times and thought they were amazing to great each time except for the last time(ETID/Turnstile tour). Given, every time I’ve seen them I’ve been heavily drunk.

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If anyone’s planning on ordering this from the Uk, be warned that Roadrunner have stuck an extra £10 on the yellow and red variants. They’re charging £29.99 plus £6 shipping when you could get it from the US store for about £23 including shipping. Even with import charges that you may not get anyhow, it’d still probably be cheaper.


Saw them support Touché a few years back and really enjoyed them but it did feel like I was the only person that did.

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3 hours ago, 1876records said:

worst live band on earth? discuss.


1 hour ago, JohnMatrix said:

I saw these guys once a few years back and they have been added to my list of worst bands I have ever seen in my life

I haven't caught them in a year and a half, but the 4 times I saw them for 2014-2016 were great and this is probably the video I've watched the most on youtube.


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