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Fearless Records 25 Year 7" Series

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To celebrate Fearless Records' 25th anniversary, we'll be releasing a new 7" vinyl pressing on the 25th of each month throughout 2019.

Each 7" will feature two tracks from a current or alumni Fearless artist, include artwork curated by the band and be limited to only 500 copies. Stay tuned for more #Fearless25th news including special vinyl releases, unique events, contests and more. 


January - Plain White T's - Hey There Deliah (white)

February - Pierce The Veil - Kings For A Day (aqua)

March - Maryday Parade - Jamie All Over (orange)
April - The Maine - Into Your Arms (white)

May - Sugarcult - Bouncing Off The Walls (pink)

June - Every Avenue - Tell Me I'm A Wreck (yellow)

July - I Prevail - Scars (blue)

August - Alesana - The Thespian (white)

September - Motionless in White - Reincarnate (red)

The Summer Set - Boomerang (purple)

Go Radio - Goodnight Moon (tan)

Starset - Manifest (white)



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8 minutes ago, mmhmm said:

People still buy 7"s? 

Kidding. But seriously, it's gotta be something unreleased to even get me to think about buying another 7". And that Plain White T's 7" is two songs that have already been released, and both on vinyl.

Agreed, I don't have the time for 7"s unless there's something new or exclusive on them.

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32 minutes ago, beardacus said:

This is pretty cool. If Sugarcult gets pressed I’d 100% buy. Other than SC, I’ve never much liked the bands on this label, so I probably wouldn’t care much about the other releases. 

Same here, don't listen to most of their bands. Based on the list of 100 songs they posted on their 25th anniversary playlist, I think I'd only buy an At The Drive-In single. Looks like there's only one Sugarcult song on the list.



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“2019 is going to be wild,” Fearless President and Chief Creative Officer Jenny Reader says. “Not only is it shaping up to be our biggest release year yet, but it’s also Fearless’ 25th anniversary as a label. We are so incredibly excited to start unveiling all the insane things we will be doing to celebrate the label’s legacy, our incredible artists and fans.”

Reader explains that the seven-inch series will honor some of the most popular songs from current artists and alumni. The label worked with them to create a unique product that displays curated artwork and includes classic tracks, unreleased songs from their archives and new material.


Most popular songs...

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I’m hoping for a pressing Memory b/w She’s The Blade.


Palm Trees and Powerlines was too good of an album to not be pressed. At least with 7”, maybe it’ll sell out quickly enough that it’ll motivate Fearless to actually press the entire record. 

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5 hours ago, Rip said:

Would maybe consider grabbing a Breathe Carolina one if they do it.  Preferably one from “Hell Is What You Make It.”  Actually, Just press that whole album please.

It's kind of crazy how that's the only one to not get pressed when it was their biggest seller.

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1 hour ago, donogistics said:

Not totally on board with the 7" idea. I just REALLY want them to press An Invitation To Tragedy.


They really should just do what Rise has been doing the past couple years.  Every couple weeks out of whatever month they want, press/repress a somewhat small amount of their albums that haven’t been pressed/repressed before.

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5 hours ago, mmhmm said:

When they have 400 of each 7" leftover and start wondering why they aren't selling, maybe they'll consider the press/repress idea. 

Or they’ll reconsider what they released. Pandering to an audience that doesn’t give a shit about a format, by putting out their most popular songs that are already on vinyl. If they were smart they would pander to an audience, like myself, who do appreciate the 7” and bands on the label from 20+ years ago that never had their Fearless releases released on vinyl.

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6 hours ago, linksisfromcanada said:

I'd be in if Dynamite Boy, Keepsake, Glasseater, Brazil, or Junction 18 were part of this but something tells me they're likely not going to be. Sugarcult has a good shot at appearing I would think and that would get my money. 

Dang, forgot Glasseater was on Fearless... I want some of their stuff on vinyl even more than a Sugarcult pressing.

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