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Landfill Crew (Tim Armstrong, Rancid) - Self-Titled 2x7" Gatefold EP

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"Tippa Lee, Me, J Bonner. 
The Landfill Crew is a fictional animated punk rock band set in the 1980’s. I play one of the characters named Bagga and my friend Tippa Lee plays the character Hux. Tippa Lee is one of my favorite Jamaican vocalists that has been recording reggae music in Kingston since the early 80’s. J Bonner animated the videos and helped develop the characters. Hope you guys enjoy this 4 song EP it as much as we do." - Tim Armstrong

Follow Landfill Crew on Instagram and YouTube.

A Side: 
1. Landfill Crew 
2. Youth Revolt

B Side: 
1. Poets In The Night 
2. Worldwide Warfare


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13 hours ago, marc32137 said:

I’m confused. It’s a 2x7” with only 2 sides?


EDIT - looking at the close up pic, it appears the songs are on sides A and C.  Assuming the B and D are etchings, but you'd think they would advertise that.

I only see one song title on each of the two labels showing. What makes you think there are two tracks per side?

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