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My poor pup needs help.

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Hey guys, 

So my 6 and a half year old boxer is going through some rough times.  He has been in and out of vets for almost 2 weeks and we are still not sure whats wrong. The vet bills are staking upwards of 8-10 thousand dollars (CAD) and as a student its getting pretty difficult. 

All that said we have started a GoFundMe page and are looking for all the help we can get:   https://www.gofundme.com/6teso68


Flynn is my best friend and I am trying my best to get him the treatment he needs. Thanks you all for whatever support you can offer, we appreciate anything. 



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41 minutes ago, MachoHommeRandallSauvage said:

:( I hope you get everything figured out and taken care of. We had some issues with our guy recently too and it's so hard both mentally and financially to go through.

Ya its been pretty horrible. He is in with the doctors now so hopefully we get some answers. 

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