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Forfeit-Perennial vinyl shipping now

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and for european people




Grief. Pain. Despair. Forfeit.


Formed during a cold spring in Chicago of 2014, Forfeit was Alex, Jeff, Ryan, and Zak. Playing for three and a half years, Forfeit was a “blink and you miss it” group once they disbanded in late 2017. In their brief tenure, the rough around the edges pop punk/emo sound of their first EP quickly morphed into something different all together. Forfeit grew out of their faster stripped-down punk sound to a darker, more layered approach. Over time they incorporated post rock, screamo, post hardcore, and doom into their sound which made them outliers in the DIY Chicago scene. Too heavy to fit in amongst their peers, while not heavy enough to fit in with others, Forfeit were a band’s band; firmly in a category all of their own during those years playing in and around the Midwest. Perennial, their self-released final recording, is the culmination of their time together and convergence of influences, making it their most potent and fully realized album.


Soylent Green Recordings is proud to present Perennial as their first release for those who might have blinked and missed Forfeit the first time around.


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