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PO: Garth Brooks - 7xLP Legacy Vinyl Boxset

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3 hours ago, zdkaiser said:

Garth is gonna clog up the pressing plants with these box sets worse than RSD. Ha ah aha ha. 

Holy shit you're right, lol! This makes me wonder what pressing plant/plants will be used for such an order. Also this has to have been planned out so that he could get an order this size out in less than a year

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5 hours ago, DawgPound1946 said:

I just watched a video of him talking about this thing. He said both Analog and Digital box sets will have an MSRP of $49.99 each; and the Limited Edition has Analog Vinyl and Digital Mastering for CDs which will be $74.99 MSRP.  All 3 sets will be available at retail.



Analog Box: 7LP & 7CD - All in original unaltered analog mastering.

Digital Remixed Remastered: 7LP & 7CD - All the remixed remastered version.

Limited Edition: 7LP original analog pressing, 7CD remixed remastered version, and this includes 'bonus tracks.' He didn't specify if the vinyl would have those bonus tracks or not...

He said the limited edition set is just analog on 180 gram.

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