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PO Now: The National - I Am Easy To Find

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This came up on "next videos" after the trailer on YouTube desktop:


In typical National fashion, they make a small change to their sound that, to the outside world, probably seems insignificant but, to National fans, feels like a bold new frontier. I'm wrapping my mind around some of the non-National choices in this one but I think I dig it.

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Just now, lethalenforcer said:

Can you share more details / find out? I've been tempted to join the club but this may finally nudge me...



Format: Cherry Tree Exclusive 2x12" Vinyl
Release Date: May 17, 2019

Pressed on 2x12" standard weight colored swirl vinyl. Includes code for digital download. 

Ships on or around release date, May 17, 2019. Date subject to change.

A1) You Had Your Soul With You
A2) Quiet Light
A3) Roman Holiday
A4) Oblivions
B1) The Pull Of You
B2) Hey Rosey
B3) I Am Easy To Find
B4) Her Father In The Pool
C1) Where Is Her Head
C2) Not In Kansas
C3) So Far So Fast
C4) Dust Swirls in Strange Light
D1) Hairpin Turns
D2) Rylan
D3) Underwater
D4) Light Years

Limit 1 per customer, including as part of bundles sales. Duplicate orders and/or copies are subject to cancellation. 

This item is exclusive to the CHERRY TREE SHOP.

Please note product images are digital renderings actual vinyl and t-shirt colors will vary. 

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