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Kanye West

PO: Fort Vine - Stay Magical (/300, Cinematic Indie-Folk, 2LP Gatefold Splatter)

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4 minutes ago, Kanye West said:

Or maybe rather than a lock, the mods can delete all the off topic idiocy (including my own) and we can get back to the actual content that's relevant to this forum...?


4 hours ago, rooks said:

gonna be a no from me, dawg.

Can we move this to Everything Else? Doesn't seem to even be about music.

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9 minutes ago, oldsiamsir said:

are there any rules here about self promotion?


Serious question. 


I'm new here!


And you've certainly made a splash with this topic! Clearly you're not new and you're some alt because why else would you bandwagon attack me? 


Either way, no, no rules against it. And this isn't even self promotion. I'm supporting my friend's band get their wonderful record pressed. This is a site to post pre-orders of records. Sorry, charlie. 

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Ranking #7 on Matt from Too Many Records' Top Albums of 2018, he felt it was criminal that this masterpiece didn't have the wax treatment. So... he set out to change that. As the first release (TMR-1) of the new Too Many Records record label.



Dictionary result for self-promotion


the action of promoting or publicizing oneself or one's activities

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