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I felt like this needed its own thread. Some damn good classic soul music with a modern twist. Colemine has an exclusive colorway. The ATO splatter version comes with an autographed poster.



Red added. https://thesoundofvinyl.com/*/Pre-Orders/Black-Pumas-Limited-Edition-Red-Vinyl/64LY0JXN000;jsessionid=76B166E4833A1EA4973BC54223CD5842.t1

There is also a red with splatter version at a few record stores in Texas.

Black Pumas has announced their highly anticipated debut album set for release on June 21. The band is led by the creative partnership between Grammy Award-winning guitarist / producer Adrian Quesada and 27-year-old songwriter Eric Burton. Burton is a relative newcomer who arrived in Austin in 2015 after busking his way across the country from Los Angeles, while Quesada has a storied reputation for playing in bands like Grupo Fantasma and Brownout. 

After the two connected via friends in the Austin scene, they began to collaborate on a new sound that transmutes soul into something idiosyncratically modern. Reminiscent of Ghostface Killah and Motown in equal measure, this original sound ensured that Black Pumas’ weekly residency at C-Boys quickly became “the hottest party in town” (Austin-American Statesman). 



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22 minutes ago, versusexcalibur said:

This is dope!  Do you happen to know the pressing info from the ATO store?

Haven't found out about that pressing yet. I just bought it because it looks cool. I'm just hoping these two pressings are it for right now. Collector issues.:D

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36 minutes ago, Derek™ said:

I saw they had a pic of a red one on FB, but didn't know they actually were pressing one. I already bought two different versions of the same record, so I may have to hold off, so I don't feel even stupidererer.

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36 minutes ago, versusexcalibur said:

Is this the Sound of Vinyl version?  

*also should've ordered the Colemine variant the other night.  Waited for pay day and missed out

No, that one is plain red. This one is only available in Texas (Waterloo, End of an Era, and Breakaway)or from people in Texas who put it on ebay.😫

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12 hours ago, Freeaxl said:

There's a 'red' one you can pre-order from Waterloo records. No picture or further description tho.


I'm hoping this is the red with splatter. I took a chance and ordered. 

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So, looks like the one I ordered is the indie red, BUT I did say that I really wanted to score a Texas version and will try to take credit for them actually putting them online. They are usually sold only in store. 😃 Here ya go! 


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