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PO: The Mark Lanegan Band - Somebody's Knocking

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Limited Heavyweight 'Sea Blue' Edition - Double vinyl - Gatefold  is here:  http://heavenlyemporium.com/buy/somebodys-knocking-2/


Awesome Video for the Single, Stitch It Up is here:  https://youtu.be/vuW0KLUYCQg



Mark Lanegan Band - Somebody's Knocking


Info and Track List is here:


From the opening bars of Disbelief Suspension onwards, it’s clear that Somebody’s Knocking is an album made by someone deeply obsessed with how music - with all its primal, spiritual healing power - truly penetrates the soul. As a result, there’s joy in the music, as if created from a perfect set of inspirations smashed and grabbed from God’s own record shop.

Some of the influences are oblique, others direct and fully respectful. From the Raw Power-esque garage metal grind of that opener to Letter Never Sent’s rocket-powered take on Love-era kaleidoscope-psych, through the pensive subterranean murk of Dark Disco Jag and on to Playing Nero’s sun-bleached riff on Joy Division’s Atmosphere, there’s the glee of infatuation running deep in the tracks. And, in some ways, that display of infatuation serves to change the very perception of Lanegan the artist - this album being less the tale of a brooding, crepuscular rock’n’roll veteran and more that of someone consumed by a lifelong love of words and sound fused together.

With that perception shift in mind, one of the most remarkable moments on Somebody’s Knocking is Penthouse High - a track that positively blooms, sounding like a love letter to imperial phase New Order. For Lanegan, it signals a return to one of his formative musical loves from a time even before he joined Screaming Trees.

“I’ve always been into electronic music since I was a kid,” he says. “I think the reason those elements have become more obvious in my music is that my tastes have changed as I’ve grown older. The bulk of what I listen to now is electronic. Alain Johannes and I had actually written Penthouse High for Gargoyle (the 2017 album the Guardian stated saw “Lanegan in the form of his career”) but then it didn't really fit on that record. I have been a huge fan of New Order and Depeche Mode forever and have wanted to do a song along those lines for a long time - a blatantly catchy, old-school dance-type song.” 

Although Somebody’s Knocking came together in an 11 day session in L.A. (Lanegan’s hometown of the last 22 years), many of the deepest musical influences on the record are European - be they the aforementioned electronic artists or newer, murkier forms provided by writing partners Martin Jenkins (who records as Pye Corner Audio) or Rob Marshall - a collaborator on Gargoyle and on his own, forthcoming debut album as Humanist. In each case, Lanegan approached working with each of the writers from the perspective of a fan.

Lyrically, Somebody’s Knocking sets the listener off down multiple rabbit holes, painting deeply psychedelic pictures where someone’s “drip, drip, dripping acid out of the dropper” (Disbelief Suspension) or where “the hounds are behind me/footsteps following/you know you can't find me/I’m miles from the crime scene” on the monumentally addictive Stitch It Up. 

While on the whole, interpretations are left for the listener to decide on, there are aspects of the real world that can’t help but seep subconsciously into Lanegan’s songs: “It seems to me that the entire world is in a weird, precarious place right now. I try to not be someone in a constant state of worry and alarm but watching the massive divide that is taking place and the political situations, especially in the US and UK makes me think, “what the fuck are these idiots thinking?” The hatred, racism and all this other fear-driven shit, these “adults” that continually drive the machine that perpetuates this ignorance to their own ends should all be in prison cells instead of the non-violent drug “offenders” in them now. I can't specifically say how any of this effects my writing but I know that most of the things that occupy my thoughts have a way of coming back out in a song.”
At the end of the day though, Somebody’s Knocking doesn’t need to be either commentary or allegory. Like Lanegan’s best work, it tells its own stories and weaves its own wonders, conjuring up feverish hallucinogenic visions to sit atop roughly hewn rock and glassy, brilliant bright electronics. And then it leaves them to penetrate their own ways right down to our deepest, darkest roots.


  1. Mark Lanegan Band - Disbelief Suspension
  2. Mark Lanegan Band - Letter Never Sent
  3. Mark Lanegan Band - Night Flight to Kabul
  4. Mark Lanegan Band - Dark Disco Jag
  5. Mark Lanegan Band - Gazing from the Shore
  6. Mark Lanegan Band - Stitch It Up
  7. Mark Lanegan Band - Playing Nero
  8. Mark Lanegan Band - Penthouse High
  9. Mark Lanegan Band - Paper Hat
  10. Mark Lanegan Band - Name and Number
  11. Mark Lanegan Band - War Horse
  12. Mark Lanegan Band - Radio Silence
  13. Mark Lanegan Band - She Loved You
  14. Mark Lanegan Band - Two Bells Ringing At Once
  1. Mark Lanegan Band - Two Bells Ringing At Once



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7 hours ago, pepperonigin said:

Thanks, I thought that was a good deal so bought a copy. It doesn't release until 18th October though, these PO's are really stretching out.

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2 minutes ago, axisrecapital said:

If it makes you feel better, I caved on the first pre-order and then again on the signed pre-order.  Multiple copies.....ugh!

If that makes you feel bad, have a gander in the Taylor Swift thread where you'll see people buying 4 versions of a 7 inch which has the same song on each side because of the different covers when most people have agreed the song in question isn't even her best.

Luckily I'm in the UK so this wasn't too extravagant just been trying to hold off lately as I need to streamline my collection.

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