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Best Ever Math Rock Album

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30 minutes ago, deafening said:

[not an album but] By the End of Tonight.  Was lucky these guys formed near my hometown so I got to see them live a few times.

They have a split with Tera Melos called Complex Full of Phantoms.



I want that split release so much, it's perfect.

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For me, the answer is toe "the book...", june of 44 "four great points" or faraquet "the view...".


Made a playlist, what am I missing?


Also, if anyone's curious about what I consider "math rock" in the topshelf catalog, I have meticulously tagged all of our albums for you: http://www.topshelfrecords.com/discography?page=1&filter=math-rock


Also also some of my favorites that haven't been mentioned + some deep cuts i like:





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On 1/20/2020 at 12:46 PM, whoa said:

More revival, this one's HOT in my jimjams. Two guys making this much noise gets me off.






Checked this out as these guys are headlining an alldayer in London in two weeks. Somehow this kind of reminds me of Antidotes-era foals sans vocals. Gonna check the other 5 acts I don't know before I commit to going but it was a pretty chill listen.

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Posted (edited)

More in the indie twinkle rock area, but OG math rock roots (OR JAZZ IDK), Kraken Quartet have put a release out with Adobo providing vocals. I love Naïve  https://thekrakenquartet.bandcamp.com/





Edited by whoa
Upon further listen, this is more just straight forward sums than maths, but still nice and kinda fits the bill so deal with it.

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