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Angus and Julia Stone - A Book Like This 2LP

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Apparently this got released back in February but it completely slipped under my radar. Amazing album, one of my 'why has this never been pressed' and now it finally has! Their best album in my eyes, if you like their newer stuff but have never heard it i'd definitely give it a crack!

AU -



US - 




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I've been waiting for this album to be pressed on vinyl for ages. Even asked their label and them personally on social media long time ago. Finally happened, with the only issue being it's incredibly expensive. Total cost in europe ends up being around 70€ with shipping. Isn't that an outrageous price? I've waited for a couple months and still no price drop, no idea why. Don't know if I should just do it and pay that insane amount... But it doesn't seem right to me. 

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