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Audio-Technica VM540ML shakes

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Hello all.
Gentlemen, beautiful ladies, please help me.
I bought a new Pro-ject Debut SB S-Shape turntable.
In addition, the VM-540ML insert.
Today I had a moment to put it all together.
Previously I had an Ortofon 2m Red insert, on another turntable.
On the new one I fired an insert from the set for 5min (Ortofon 2m Silver) - it looked identical to the RED during operation.
However, after AT insertion and heashell, somehow they are more shaky, as if the suspension of the insert was different and carried more vibrations. This is especially visible at the beginning of the album. As if the vibrations were gentle from side to side.
Here is the link to the movie how it looks:
Is it normal?
I would like to add that I carry out the calibration very carefully, I use the electronic balance, the calibration template / template. Distances / angles preserved. Everything seems to be right. Recommended load 2g. I even added a weight from the turntable set so that the needle would be at the same height as the orthophone.
Please, help, I've never had this class of insert.

Effective arm weight: 16g, the weight of the insert 6.4g + 1g per plate. Altogether about 24, so we are in the field about the correct insertion of the arm ...

Musically / qualitatively I am VERY happy with it.

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Posted (edited)

Hey there. It could be a number of things... only a few of which will be an issue with sound reproduction.

Firstly it could be that the compliance of the AT is higher than the Ortofon which results in the cartridge appearing to move more due to vibration and groove information. A quick search brought up 18 (at 10 Hz) for the AT and 20 for the ortofon so it looks like they are pretty similar. That will need checking as I only did a superficial search.


Secondly, but related to the compliance, you may be seeing excess movement of the tonearm as a result of a mismatch between the compliance of the cartridge and the mass of the tonearm and cartridge. When they mismatch you can get a tonearm resonance that results in the tonearm moving drastically. You can calculate this with the mass of your tonearm and the compliance info on the cartridge and plug it into the calculator at vinyl engine (just search cartridge resonance evaluator). Yu are after a calculated number in the green range to avoid this resonance issue. Your calculations show you are out of the green zone (I was not super careful in these calculations so you should check) which could lead to a visible and audible resonance.


Thirdly it could just be the specific record being badly cut. This happens quite a bit and seems more obvious with a compliant cart.


Fourthly it could be some extraneous movement of the rack, footfall or motor hum/vibration.


There are some other less likely options but I would do the calculations above and check it is not that first.

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