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PO NOW: Tyler the Creator - IGOR

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PHASE 1: three pages of "got the limited!"




PHASE 3: two months of silence


PHASE 4: two pages of "got my shipping notification!"


PHASE 5: two pages of "this album sounds great on vinyl!" mixed equally with "listened once, not for me, selling for $90 OBO"

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16 minutes ago, Rip said:

Okay so this is going to be like Flower Boy right?  “Limited” variant is available for a day and then we can get standard from everywhere else later?  Of course I want the standard but goddamn I cannot do $40 for a single LP right now.

The product description on the mint says "one-time limited" and the black doesn't have any indication one way or the other, so you should be safe.

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1 hour ago, Reshiram said:

I've had the 2 leaked tracks on repeat, can't wait to bump this tonight. Ordered with swift quickness, and I still yearn for a Cherry Bomb pressing.

I want an official release of Cherry Bomb so bad, it's one of my favorite Tyler albums. Deserves more love tbh. I might try getting a bootleg copy of it someday, but I'm afraid of it sounding like trash haha. 

Glad I got the limited version of Igor though <3 

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