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PO NOW: Tyler the Creator - IGOR

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I wasn't sure what to expect with this album, but upon first listen I like it a lot. Definitely different but still Tyler-vibes and really cool sampling/production. I also decided to listen all the way through too which I'm glad I did cause if I skipped around I might have been looking for the wrong things.

Took a chance on the limited before listening but definitely glad I grabbed it for the art alone. Gonna dig into this album more for sure.

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13 minutes ago, lungfutang said:

Anybody not get their download by chance?

Keep checking my email but haven't received anything...

Check your spam that’s where mine was.

also, how much longer is this going to be up for sale? I thought it was yesterday only.

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Album is great--I see it as less of a rap album and more of a sound palette. The production is gorgeous all throughout. Part of me is disappointed there isn't anything thematically substantial to sink my teeth into like there was last time around, but for what it is it's very good and I enjoy it quite a bit.

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