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PO Soon (5/23): The Appleseed Cast - Fleeting Light of Impermanence

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I'm glad to hear such shining reviews of the tracks. I listened to the first on when it was released, but I'm holding off from there on until it gets here. I'm fucking aaaaaaaaaamped. Found a sweet new (vintage) turntable at goodwill the other day for $7 too, so I'm going to set up a living room setup, probably listen to it in there if I can get my other (also vintage) amp all fixed up. :)


Sorry, I've been trying to figure out a way to talk about my sweet finds for a minute.

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6 minutes ago, Derek™ said:

Stealing your approach, I think.  Would probably cave if we were getting a double LP or something, but it’s been too long of a wait and we’re “only” getting 8 tracks.


Two more weeks.  Two more weeks...

I forgot when it was coming out and now I'm even more stoked. I've cut way back on my record spending, so I'm looking forward to this even more than I would have been.

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