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PO Now: Denzel Curry - Zuu (5/31/19)

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3 hours ago, Vector53 said:


For real, this album slaps. FlyLo's new album had Denzel featured on it. Really liked what I heard and I had to check this album out. So good. Definitely gonna listen to his older stuff as well.

Definitely do. This new album is crazy good, but his albums ta13oo and imperial are both great.

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Posted (edited)

Not sure if anyone had their eye on the "love below" 12" picture disc (6 remixes of Black Balloonz + the original track) - Looks like it sold out as an individual record but is available with the t-shirt bundle still. Limited to 1500.


Edit: They re-stocked both the 12" pic disc

Edited by corey.

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On 5/31/2019 at 11:48 PM, mrewest said:

Wish & P.A.T. stood out the most first time through.  Not into it as much Taboo or Imperial but definitely plenty to revisit.  I just always like his angry fast raps the best.  Not really any of that here.

2 more listens in & I’m already changing my tune on this.  Birds is a damn banger.  Overall a big fan of the beats here.  Gonna keep revisiting.  I still dunno if it’ll top Taboo but it’s at least in the conversation.

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