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Alkaline Trio (+ related bands) WANTS

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looking to knock off some more stuff from my wants list this summer. most of these aren't super rare or expensive, so i'm happy to either buy them outright from you, or trade you a different variant of similar value. i have a ton of stuff available to trade, but we can talk about that if/when we get there because i don't want to list them all out lmao. yes, i know, some of these are available on discogs right now. but i'd rather trade with people here than deal with people there if i can.


as always, any test pressings or rare memorabilia (records, shirts, posters, tapes... anything) will catch my eye, whether they are listed below or not. if you or someone you know has something you think might be of interest, hit me up or put us in touch.


anyway, here are the variants i'm looking for:


For Your Lungs Only-era cassette tape

pictured below (unknown pressing info)



7th pressing on black (limited to 550)
11th pressing on burgundy opaque (limited to 500)

12th pressing on black for retail (limited to 2,000)

13th pressing on black (limited to 500)

14th pressing on 180 gram black (limited to 500)


Maybe I'll Catch Fire

3rd pressing on black (limited to 500)

10th pressing on black (limited to 500)

11th pressing on 180 gram black (limited to 500)


From Here To Infirmary

2014 pressing on grey/purple marble (unknown pressing info)


This Addiction

1st pressing on grey marble (unknown pressing info... unknown if this actually exists)


My Shame Is True

1st pressing on light blue marble (unknown pressing info, thought to be <10)



i'm also looking for some things by their related bands. same thing here, most of these aren't crazy rare or anything. i have things i'm willing to give up in a trade, but i'm also happy to buy straight away.




Dead Ending - Shoot The Messenger

1st pressing on red (limited to 100)


HIDE - A Falling/Sea Of Time cassette

1st pressing (unknown pressing info)


Matt Skiba & The Sekrets - Babylon

1st pressing on red (numbered and limited to 100... not to be confused with the 1st pressing on red that is numbered and limited to 666)


Matt Skiba & The Sekrets - Kuts

1st UK pressing on red (i believe there are two different red pressings for this record, just like there was for Babylon. i know for sure i have the US version.)


Tuesday - Freewheelin'

2nd pressing on red/blue // purple blue mashup (limited to 1)


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9 hours ago, chiefwahoo said:

Are any of the Goddamnit LPs the "redux" version?

they all have this cover:


so i think yes? but i'm not sure if only the very first pressing with this style cover is considered the "redux" version, but then once they had John Golden re-master it, if those versions are considered something else? idk. i hate collecting this release. it's my favorite record of all time, but collecting it and keeping all of the information straight has been a [goddamn] nightmare.


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i've really been going hard at getting these this year. knocked off 3 more in the last couple weeks. have leads on a couple more that should be incoming shortly. 


any and all help is appreciated. i'm into trades if you still want to have copies of these records in your collection, but i'm cool with buying outright, too!

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