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PO: Stranger Things Season 3 Soundtrack

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On 6/6/2019 at 3:05 PM, highfives said:

It'd be nice if one of these retailers listed what music was actually on the soundtrack...  

The 7" Says "Never Ending Story" on it. So there's that. I read somewhere that the cast is performing a song in the soundtrack? I assume that's what the 7" of Never Ending Story is? 

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I saw this tracklist on a facebook comment for the turntable lab ad for it. Could be real or also might not. 


1. Baba O’Riley – The Who
2. Things Can Only Get Better – Howard Jones
3. Material Girl – Madonna

4. Cold as Ice – Foreigner
5. She’s Got You – Patsy Cline
6. R.O.C.K. In the U.S.A. (A Salute to 60’s Rock) – John Mellencamp
7. Neutron Dance – The Pointer Sisters
8. Can’t Fight This Feeling – REO Speedwagon
9. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go – Wham!
10. My Bologna – “Weird Al” Yankovic
11. Moving In Stereo – The Cars
12. Never Surrender – Corey Hart
13. Lovergirl – Teena Marie
14. Workin’ for a Livin’ – Huey Lewis & The News
15. We’ll Meet Again – Vera Lynn
16. Never Ending Story – Gaten Matarazzo, Gabriella Pizzolo

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5 minutes ago, exileinoblivion said:

I have stuck to 2 variants of each season ( with different covers every time ) and I am doing that again. Got the Urban Outfitters variant with 7 and just grabbed the Lakeshore fireworks variant. Love the cover with that one too. 

Might be worth noting that those two releases (Lakeshore & UO), I believe, contain different music. Pretty sure Lakeshore is the score and the UO record is the various artist soundtrack.

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30 minutes ago, gutterball1 said:

what is with soundtracks being released on vinyl these days?  does anyone even care about a soundtrack?  I think like 99% of people just download the song they like by their fav band.

Those people probably aren't spending much time on a site called VINYL Collective.

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