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FS: The Graduate - Anhedonia (Test and Variants) and Only Every Time

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Hey all, selling my extra Graduate records. I was collecting variants and couldn't ever get ahold of a few so I decided to part with them awhile ago. Just realized I never even put them up for sale. Most of these are super hard to find and I'm not sure some have even been sold on discogs. With that said I'm not really sure how to price these. I guess just send me offers and we can work something out! Great band with two awesome full lengths. It's a shame they are no longer a band.


The Graduate - Anhedonia (Test Press)

The Graduate - Anhedonia (180g Black)

The Graduate - Anhedonia (Red w/Black Smoke)

The Graduate - Only Every Time (Cerulean Blue)

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8 hours ago, Terminator_Ham said:

I was searching for Anhedonia forever but was able to aquire. The previous seller also hooked me up with Only every time aswell.


Good luck on your sale man. 



22 hours ago, Tidal Wave said:

Fun fact I was at their final concert. 

I bet that was a blast!

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Good band, Great dudes! These guys came up from around where I grew up. So many great memories of seeing these guys all over central IL. 


I regret selling my copy of Anhedonia years back for like 15 bucks. Would love to own these again but I'm afraid they'd be out of my price range these days. Good luck with the sale though! 

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