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11 hours ago, gutterball1 said:

lol you make a very valid point.  just not needed to have more then one.  there should really only be 1 release of each, cd, vinyl, and cassette. just 1 color of each.  and no deluxe versions.  if someone is buying it, they want to own it and there is no need for gimmicks.  just have 1 version and 1 color of each format.  these color variants are just out of control.

First time I've able to spot aspergers through a forum post.

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Long shot here, but did anyone preorder the CD bundle with black Mona Lisa shirt in a M or L and want to trade for my HMNIM Relic pin that was just released?  Love that shirt more than the pin, but refuse to pay $35 after already preordering the splatter and getting  a free CD copy with my tour ticket purchase.

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1 hour ago, trainsaw said:

Variant isn’t up but this image from an IG post appears to be different than what they have for sale on their site so I’m guessing when they run through the “hot” this is the next up



No that is the exact hot variant they are selling . So this is just a pic of the bundle they are selling .

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14 hours ago, trainsaw said:

Lol get your eyes checked

I must because when I look at it it looks the same . But you might very well be right . If they are different shame on Blink for making 2 splatters that look almost the same. Or I might be looking at the wrong pic as the pic I see shows the "hot" variant with the stickers and buttons . Neither here nor there in the end though as if there is another variant we will know soon enough. 

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oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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