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PO NOW : Cult Of Luna - A Dawn to Fear (09/20)

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On 9/25/2019 at 7:06 PM, Gumbo72203 said:

This has been the case for a while.  Before "Salvation" got repressed, OG copies were going for $100+ on Discogs.  I nearly pulled the trigger myself. 


He kind of has a point though.  It could be that Cult of Luna is continuing to grow and write great music while the Isis catalog stays put....  but I see where he's coming from.  Isis is inherently independent....  their material stands alone, but they do a different thing.  They went for the cosmic groove where the universe swallows itself up and you're blasted out of a cannon into a psilocybe cosmic vortex with all these hypnotic, low-dynamic grooves (ie: So Did We, The Beginning and the End, Weight).  Cult of Luna does it but in like, a loud sense.  Same intensity, different dynamic levels. 

Also False Light still makes me want to punch walls and pick up change like when I was 16.


TL;DR-----  Isis and Cult of Luna rule. 

Also, Rosetta.  :)

Well said, I couldn't put it in better words!

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2 hours ago, Mr Mojo said:

Setlist from Helsinki the other day. Brilliant.


The Silent Man



I: The Weapon

And With Her Came the Birds

Lights on the Hill

In Awe Of

Passing Through

The Fall

That's a great set list. Not sure how they could omit Ghost Trail though. That would be ultimate encore material.

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British cellist Jo Quail playing with Thomas Hedlund at this year's Hellfest.

She's great; I saw her support (and play with on Rioseco) Caspian in 1995. She also has new vinyl out:


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just chiming in to say that this release is fucking incredible.  I got the /180 black and Metal Blade crushed it.  Sounds amazing.  Poly sleeves, and they packaged it with the records inside and facing the spine so no seamsplits.  It sounds fucking killer.  Like, this is awesome. 

AOTY probably.

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54 minutes ago, Sasan said:

Sorry to bump this thread again...but just gave it a listen after quite some while. Man, this album rips! I love it! Probably my favorite CoL record!

I'm not sure I can pick a favorite, but I 100% hold it in the same regard as Salvation and Somewhere Along The Highway.  To me, they're equal pinnacles of achievement for them.  It just depends on which one you feel like listening to!

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