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[Pre-order] Waterparks - Fandom

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New preorder for Waterparks next album, Fandom.

Releases October 11th, 2019.


Orange W/ Red, Yellow & Purple Splatter Vinyl (Limited to 1,000)


New single via Hopeless Records available



There is a tri-color variant somewhere, it's on their site seen here: https://www.waterparksband.com/home 

I have not been able to find a preorder for it.

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here's a look at the vinyl variant people got at the signing tonight. pretty sure this is the indie exclusive.


not sure what's going on with all the signings, considering awsten said this on twitter 


i don't think that they would have a different variant for EVERY store, but i'm still not sure. there's some places you can order the indie exclusive online, which i think is this one. still not sure what the green banquet records one is.

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18 hours ago, offonmyown said:

 I think if you peep the sticker in this picture, the indie exclusive is just orange, seems like it’ll be the same for every store? Though they are doing a show at Newbury Comics so I won’t be surprised if they have a special one there

i would believe that this was the same for every store but awsten has said that each store has a different variants, but i don't think that seems very practical at all

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