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PO: City & Colour - A Pill for Loneliness

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On 8/19/2019 at 3:54 PM, Sasan said:

Wanted to order the C&C exclusive and the "If I should go..." 2xLP cause I miss that one...

Webstore calculates two times shipping to Germany cause one is a preorder?! 😒

I think it's because pre-order are sent from different places depending where you live. From France my order confirmation tells me the shipment will be made from Shropshire, England. Every back catalog and apparel items are shipped from Montréal, Canada.

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No shipping on anything for me yet. Nada from C&C store, DA, or UO. 

Here's a cool little video of some of the records being pressed: 

Aside from that, (and I recognize that I am a homer,) I am really really enjoying this album. I like how airy it is, and I think the production is especially noteworthy. I think it's his best work in quite a while. 


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4 hours ago, beags said:

This is my favourite release of his since Little Hell. Really solid. Astronaut is comfortably the worst song on the album and probably my least favourite City and Colour song of all time but outside of that this is pure bliss

Really? That fights for top spot for me. I love the relative heaviness of it and the way it jams out at the end. Really reminds me of his live performances.

But I agree, best since Little Hell

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