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Han Solo

PO: Counterparts - Nothing Left To Love (11/01/2019)

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1. Love Me
2. Wings Of Nightmares
3. Paradise And Plagues
4. The Hands That used To Hold Me
5. Separate Wounds
6. Your Own Knife
7. Cherished
8. Imprints
9. Ocean Of Another
10. Nothing Left To Love


Preorders (Only the Canadian exclusives are up so far):




https://newdamagerecords.myshopify.com/collections/pre-orders/products/counterparts-nothing-left-to-love-marble-lp - Limited to 100 




https://newdamagerecords.myshopify.com/collections/counterparts/products/counterparts-nothing-left-to-love-lp-bundle - Limited to 400 





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1 minute ago, deer said:

Picked up the /100 marble earlier this morning. Conversion rates from CAN to GBP are pretty great so it was affordable. If any really cool variants go up from PNR (which they usually do) I might get one of those too, but right now I'm satisfied.


Counterparts can do no wrong.

Can't agree more, in EUR, shipping included, it's a win. 23€ I believe. Also got the Rarity LP last week, which is also sold out now, solid.

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300 (PN Webstore Exclusive 1) – Black & Red(ish) Aside / Bside w/ heavy white & Silver splatter
500 (PN Webstore Exclusive 2) – Blood Red w/ Black and Silver twist
500 (US Indie) – Half Blood Red / half black with heavy white splatter on the red side only
300 (UK Indie) – Clear
200 (HMV) – Blood Red & Black Pinwheel
600 (Euro Exclusive) – Silver
1600 (Various) – White with heavy Blood Red splatter


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5 hours ago, hyperg1ant said:

Hahaha this is great. I had to grab a copy. If its listed as bundle #1 I'm sure we'll get a few more screenprints in the future 

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