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[PO Soon] TOOL - Fear Inoculum 5x12" w/etching ULTRA-DELUXE BOX SET AT THE LOW LOW PRICE of $810...cuz TOOL hates their fans and someone needs to maintain Maynard's Vineyards

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17 minutes ago, N8TRU said:

This is more like it but still a slap in the dick of a price. I guess the Clouds Hill FTM is about the same and is a triple LP but that is also a slap in the dick of a bargain.

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2 hours ago, webdoggy said:

Only question is...preorder, or wait for the inevitable price drop. Still a bit pricey. 

Seriously considering waiting for the price drop though I have been waiting for a reasonably formatted and (I suppose comparatively) reasonably priced vinyl edition for this goddamn thing.


What I would really like to see now is some modestly packaged reissues of all the past albums remastered with Lateralus having the original CD track order and just a basic playable copy of Aenima plentifully available finally for all the poor fucks who are pining for that album.

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4 hours ago, bjorn said:

For those who have listened to the LP version, does it sound better than the CD is any way? The CD has some prominent clipping in the mix, which I find distracting. Wondering if the vinyl master addressed this at all. That yellow cover is a problem though.

It's not even close. The vinyl version destroys the CD version. Feels like a different album at times. 

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37 minutes ago, xfactor675 said:


"Thanks10" code + free US shipping = ~$53 ppd

I wouldn’t recommend them as they didn’t secure my 5LP and got damaged and had to get them to give me  some money/discount on it but that was being shipped through DHL to Canada.  Then had to do the amazon swap for a mint copy. 

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