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PO - John Carpenter - Halloween Expanded Edition

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I'd contact Sacred Bones if that is where you ordered it from. I got a mass email from them back on Feb 13th that asked to contact them with any address changes. The records were sent out around a week later. I'm not sure how other places handled the replacements though.

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Found this in a reddit post from later last year. It's worth a shot:


"Replacement Instructions: A. Customers who purchased the record online or have their receipt from a brick and mortar store handy may email Brad Sanders / [email protected] a copy of their receipt and Sacred Bones will ship them a replacement copy when the pressing is complete. Message from our distributor: The audio contained on the 12" pressing of 'Halloween Theme (Remix)' released on Sacred Bones is a previous recording of the Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross version of the song, which differs from what was released digitally last year. A lacquer of the 'previous version' was cut and then scrapped, because Trent and Atticus decided that they could improve upon the recording. They went on to create the 'definitive' track that is available everywhere digitally. A MISTAKE WAS MADE when pressing the currently available 12", and the 'previous' version was erroneously included. To correct this unforgivable error, we are reprinting the CORRECT version and will provide it to you free of charge. We are currently working on the repress. As of now, we are expecting these to ship in early 2019 and will update you soon on the delivery timeline. As a NIN.com customer, you do not need to take any additional steps to receive your replacement copy. The replacement offer includes those who purchased from other retailers."

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