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Swans - leaving meaning. (PO now)

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7 hours ago, Derek™ said:

It absolutely won’t.

Also strongly agreed on their live sets.  Hearing them workshop Frankie M and being pummeled by power chords and hypnotic grooves for 15 minutes was a top-tier live Swans moment, back in the day.

This 100%. I saw them on that tour and I swear they both showed me god and curdled my milk. It was exhilarating.

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Made some more progress with Swans' discog this week. First was Holy Money, then Greed after realizing they were related and it would be good to hear them back to back, then Children of God. I expected to like Children of God more than I did on the first spin. I'm not sure what wasn't working for me, but clearly it'll need more listens to sink in like anything else. Holy Money was my favorite of the 3, being more immediately accessible, and I played it again this morning on the way to work. I arrived depressed but that's ok. Right now, as I'm wrapping up my workday and anticipating my commute, I started White Light... again. This will be my third listen. Honestly this one worked for me the first time, and is looking like my favorite atm. Gonna have to revisit The Great Annihilator soon – my intro back in the 90s.


Not sure if I'll dig around some more early material before the new one drops or move on to some post-reunion stuff. Probably would make sense to check out newer stuff, but the length of all the recent ones is pretty daunting. 

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