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PO Now - Turnover - Altogether (Out on November 1st)

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1 minute ago, CatsNJazz said:

Mat said the new album is delayed, he will know soon, but not much at the moment. I hope all that bullshit with Sam Ray isn't the reason 

Absolutely everything including tshirts is gone. If it doesn't come back today I'm betting that's entirely the reason. How fucked.

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2 hours ago, gazzo said:

picked up the rfc variant from the uk store. 
bought it before I saw RT had a pinwheel but if the final thing is gonna look a bit like the mockup it will be sweet

Where you seeing the mockup? 


EDIT: Nevermind. I thought you meant there was a mockup of the pinwheel. I've seen the swirl. I need coffee.

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9 minutes ago, thepunkguy said:

anyone know the difference in pressing between the two.  the uk is 300, should I assume the us is also 300?


RFC store shows:

500 Yellow & Purple Pinwheel (Rough Trade US/UK / Cooking Vinyl AUS) 


My guess is RT goofed and called it a splatter (aren’t description errors pretty common for them?) and the UK stores are getting 300 with the other 200 being split between RT US and Cooking Vinyl.

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