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PO Now: Green Day - Father Of All Motherfuckers

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32 minutes ago, Sunshine said:

Is everyone gonna ignore this? Holy shit this is worse than Beach Slang guy. He's clearly in need of psychiatric help. Jesus 

The sound of Anarchy™ brought to you by rich middle age men who live in gated communities in LA.

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My condolences.

green day really going hard with the terrible album art this century. 

Does this Green Day band have anything to do with the 90s band Green Day that broke up after their final album Warning? Cause that band was pretty good and this is not pretty good.

4 hours ago, Jesus Of Suburbia said:

I'm not mad at his opinion, I just thought it was funny that he took the time out of his day to come to a thread about a band he doesn't like just to say he doesn't like them.




This band is garbage these days. Just take it for what it's worth. If you can stomach this new track.... I'm sorry for the future.

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I don’t think any of the new albums from Green Day, fall out boy, or weezer will be particularly good, but this tour announcement has been extremely effective. I think this tour will sell really well because all parties are engaged. Three new singles, three album announcements, three late night performances, YouTube videos, weird tweets, a cool opener with the interrupters, cryptic flyers, billboards, merch collaborations. From a promoters standpoint the bands are giving it their all. 

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On 9/10/2019 at 10:13 AM, Jesus Of Suburbia said:

Poster for the Hella Mega tour


such a random 3 bands to tour together.


On 9/10/2019 at 11:06 AM, ckraus333 said:

Apparently, there are three album covers.

I only saw 2.


On 9/10/2019 at 1:54 PM, MachoHommeRandallSauvage said:

It's been over two decades now since Green Day released anything worthwhile. 


That's all.

every time a long running band puts out an album,  people say the have not put out anything good since their early stuff.


On 9/10/2019 at 3:17 PM, marc32137 said:

The rumor is this is the last album they have left on their contract with Warner and the whole thing is just a middle finger to them (hence the stupid cover and 26 minute runtime) and they have a whole 'nother full album ready to release on a different label shortly after this one comes out.

not very professional of them.  surprised it would count as an album on the contract instead of a single. lol.


On 9/10/2019 at 6:55 PM, Shitty Rambo said:

I think that album was a lot of younger people's first "alternative" record. I feel like that album, The Osbournes, and Nightmare Before Christmas merch all hit at the same time, so when 8th graders asked their mom and dad for a copy of the new Green Day album they were probably like, "I didn't know the band from the Varsity Blues soundtrack were still around, and they're not as spooky as The Used, so sure, let's go to Hot Topic."

the used!  great band, now they are my favoritos!


On 9/11/2019 at 8:27 AM, Tommy said:

I stopped listening to KoRn after Follow The Leader

great band, my childhood fav in the 90s.  follow the leader, issues, untouchables, take a look in mirror...then I kind of lost them after that.



this thread as been fun to go through.

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